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One Week Away

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I am heading off to Chicago next Saturday to begin my semester of humanities research, and I could not be more excited! Though I will spend next Saturday and Sunday exploring Chicago with my family, my actual move-in day is next Monday. With just one week left in Southern Illinois, here are some things that I am keeping in mind:

1. My research interests. Since my research at the Newberry Library will be focused largely on the modernist literary movement, I need to keep doing as much preliminary research as possible to best understand modernist authors and critics. Although I am intimidated to spend the semester at such a prestigious institution, I know that by preparing to explore the archives and conduct my research, I will find my niche at the Newberry.

2. My thirst for adventure. When selecting which college I wanted to attend over three years ago, I fell in love with McKendree University’s small-town atmosphere. But, after spending a majority of my undergraduate time in the small, Southern Illinois town, I am definitely ready for some adventure. Chicago has always been a beautiful and exciting city to me, and I could not imagine studying in a community with a more lively culture and inspiring atmosphere. I am so looking forward to all of my future adventures, as well as the personal and intellectual growth that awaits me in the Windy City.

3. My home. Though the Newberry Library and Chicago offer me unique cultural experiences and research opportunities, I am making sure to keep my home in mind. One part of the Newberry Seminar that I find the most attractive is its ability to offer me lasting skills and experience that I will be able to bring back to McKendree in the Spring. I will undoubtedly miss all of my knowledgeable and encouraging McKendree instructors (Professors Zanelotti, Patterson, DeWall, Greenfield, and Franke, to name only some), as well as the intellectual community that has kept me growing academically thus far. I am extremely eager to study under and learn from Professors Schell and Draxler at the Newberry, but I know that it is only through the knowledge and research skills that my McKendree professors have equipped me with that I will be able to flourish at the Newberry Seminar.

It is apparent that as the summer is coming to its close, the excitement of the Newberry Seminar is beginning to consume my thoughts. I look forward to keeping this blog throughout the semester to allow everyone to remain updated on my scholarly pursuits in Chicago. 🙂



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  1. Lindsay, I am so happy for you! We’ll be cheering you along at every step


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