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A Little Update on Research & Life

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Hi all,

It is 11:21 PM on Sunday night in Chicago. I’m sitting here listening to The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and trying to finish my research due tomorrow at noon. Luckily, I think I am almost done with what I planned to prepare for tomorrow–hooray! I know I have been particularly vague about my topic, and that is an intentional decision for two reasons: 1) I want it to be a surprise at the of the semester, and 2) the specifics of it change at least once a week (I either add an important idea or take something significant away, and sometimes both). But now that we are 1/3 done with the first draft of our final research project, I feel I can definitely own up to the fact that my research is about Malcolm Cowley and William Faulkner. More importantly, my project is entirely digital. The move from print to digital is somewhat terrifying and exhilarating for me. It is always a joy to confront new problems and create innovative solutions, and this semester has been all about tackling new experiences head-on.

I’ve also recently learned that McKendree University has named me their Lincoln Laureate for the graduating class of 2015. I am so honored to represent the Humanities Division in such a wonderful way, and getting this award has made me miss my McKendree professors more than ever. Since I am in my senior year, I am becoming incredibly reflective on my undergraduate experience, and I am confident that I could not have selected a better institution or chosen better experiences to pursue (the Newberry being one of those experiences). I am sending everybody at McKendree a big thanks for the honor, and I cannot wait to receive my award in Springfield on Nov 1st with Dr. Kevin Zanelotti by my side!

As a final thought, I ate at a restaurant called Scofflaw with my friend Kylie out in Logan on Friday night, and I actually think it is the best food I’ve had so far in Chicago–and that is saying a lot! If anybody who is reading this is coming to Chicago soon, or if you are a future Newberry Seminar student, you MUST try Scofflaw before you leave!





  1. Oh, Scofflaw is great! Did you try the Malort? 🙂 I’m old and boring: my order is always seltzer with a schtickle of lime and an order of gnudi


  2. Haha, NO I did not try the Malort!


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