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The Impromptu Celebration Between Halloween & Thanksgiving

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Hello all!

When I last wrote here, about two weeks ago, I was stressed about research. Well, sad to say, I’m still stressed about research. My professors and I felt that in addition to my digital project, a 20 page paper was needed to really solidify some of my arguments. While this process was needed, I become immediately panicked, while thinking I would have to begin the research process all over again. Luckily, with the reassurance of Bridget and Hannah, I have just finished the first draft of my 20 page paper. AND, I have also finished the “rough draft” of my scholarly website. Meaning….my “first full draft” of my project is done! Given that we did not need to reach this landmark until next week, I’m ecstatic to be so far ahead. That’s not to say, however, that there isn’t a lot left to do. This will be the first go around for Hannah & Bridget to take a look at my paper…so it is safe to say that I might end up changing a considerable amount of it, depending on feedback. We also have our final library presentations next week, which will be in the form of an academic conference (each student will be placed on a panel with peers who have similar research interests, we will present for 10 minutes each, and then open the floor for Q&A). So, needless to say, I need to get to work preparing for that, as well. No matter what, I’m just happy to be done for the day and begin relaxing. For me, that means watching some Scrubs in my pajamas. ❤

While not doing research these past two weeks, I’ve been in Springfield accepting my Lincoln Laureate award (a picture is below), exploring more donut shops with Nicole, and getting some work done for my boss at the Newberry. This weekend I’ve decided to celebrate all that I’ve accomplished thus far, by going out to eat with my friend Kylie at one of my favorite places here, Lady Gregory’s. I’m so exicted for that dinner, and hopefully to accomplish some more revising this weekend.

As things are coming to a close here in Chicago (only three weeks left, and one of those weeks involves Thanksgiving Break) I’m really starting to appreciate all that I’ve accomplished so far. Already, this semester has been the most productive of my undergraduate career, and I think in large part that is due to the independent nature of the seminar. When you rely on your own motivation to get things done, that can either mean that you do the bare minimum, or you go above and beyond what you initially set out to do. Because of my immense passion for my project, I have achieved far more than I ever thought possible. Speaking of how passionate I am about my research…I got to touch William Faulkner’s signature in Special Collections this week!! Woohoo!!

Well, sorry for this brief and not-so-eloquent post. My brain is fried from the day’s work. But, I will say that I’m not sure when I will be able to post again. Things here at the Newberry have a way of passing by so quickly; perhaps it is the excitement or the stress that makes time fly.

Talk soon (hopefully),


Below I’m having a little Halloween fun at my carrel:

photo (3)

Some progress I’ve made at the gym this semester:

photo (4)

photo (5)

Above is my hero Dr. Zanelotti and I after accepting my Lincoln Laureate aware in Springfield!


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