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A Final Thought

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Hello all!

Though I never found time to make a farewell post at the end of my semester, I would like to say a couple things now for students who are potentially interested in this program:

1. Do it! Apply for the program. You won’t regret it. Living in Chicago as an undergrad, especially after coming from a small liberal arts school, will change you fundamentally (for the better). Do it.

2. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the program. This blog was a messy collection of my stressed thoughts throughout the semester, so I would be happy to clarify any information about the Newberry experience you might be curious about.

3. Here is the digital portion of my final project at the Newberry. Here I am, three months after the program has ended, and I still think about my research often. My website:
If you have any time or interest, PLEASE check it out! Of all the academic work I’ve done as an undergrad, I am surely the most proud of my work on Faulkner & Cowley at the Newberry.

Wow–what a ride! Even now, I think back on my time in Chicago with laughter and pride. I will always remember my semester there fondly, with the sweetest kind of nostalgia. I know I’ve already stated this (refer to advice point #1), but if you are even considering applying for this program…you should do it.

With infinite love for the ACM & the library,



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